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If The Rate of Change Outside Your Business…

By Cameron on September 17, 2014 Technology / No Comments


If the rate of change outside your business, is greater than the rate of change inside your business.  You’re out of business…

I strongly believe, that all companies would benefit by running lunch and learn sessions for employees on leveraging technology Apps, Tools, Hacks etc. on a weekly basis.  Bring in a 20 something, Gen Y, to run 30-45 min sessions weekly, while employees eat lunch.

Employees have laptops, iPhones and the internet.  But they don’t necessarily know how to really leverage each of them to get more stuff done, with less people, faster.

(Note: This includes ensuring everyone can type properly and quickly – vs. the hunt & peck the guy beside me on the plane is doing right now – he inspired this post from 30,000 feet)

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