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It’s Your Future (Dream Big If You Want To)

By Cameron on September 25, 2014 Painted Picture, Vision, Vivid Vision / No Comments

I coach CEOs globally of companies small & large to look into their future, and I like what they see.  No, they don’t go see an old gypsy woman or sift through any tealeaves.

I teach them to just chill out in a hammock, closed their eyes and visualize where there company is going to be in three years.

In the end, they detail out that future in a three or four page document known as a Vivid Vision (formerly Painted Picture).

We they work to get as many people as possible to read their Vivid Vision, and not only because we think it’s a pretty interesting read. The more friends, employees, colleagues, suppliers and contacts who see where they want to go, the bigger the network they have on their side helping to make it come true.  Here are a few examples of CEOs Vivid Visions that you can read for yourself.  In fact, they’ve all worked with the same brilliant writer to help make theirs really inspiring.

So why not dream big, set it out on paper and start making your future come true.  What’s in store for you?

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