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I’m Stopping The Insanity…

Posted by Cameron on November 28, 2011
Time Management / 10 Comments

The ScreamIn 2012, I’m taking some time back for me.

I’ve been on overdrive again for the last 18 months. Largely, I poured myself into working full bore again, because I was avoiding some personal issues I wasn’t happy with. Now that I’m working through those, I’m taking back some time for me again.

Time to reconnect with what matters. My kids. My friends. Myself. My family. My girlfriend.

Time to remain interested in my hobbies. Tennis, reading, skiing, golf, and cooking. Time to start hiking…

Time to stop working around the clock. Time to start saying NO to speaking events I don’t want to do. And only say yes to the ones that inspire me. Time to say NO to coaching clients that aren’t a great fit for me. And time to stop working Fridays.  I’m finally hiring an assistant too.  Yes it will cost me some money – but I’d rather have the free time.

I’ve just blocked off EVERY Friday in 2012 as Free Time. Time to not work. So if you want to go for a hike, a run, play golf, tennis, etc. drop me a note – as long as we don’t talk biz – I’m in.  What are you doing to keep balanced ?

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