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Look In the Rearview Mirror

Posted by Cameron on August 18, 2010
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I don’t need to push many Entrepreneurs to set goals.  We do that naturally.

I do, however, need to push them to see how far they’ve come.

A great way to feel good about yourself, and to relax a bit, is at the end of each week reviewing everything you got done.

Write down a list of the TOP 5 things you accomplished and let it sink in.  Allow yourself to feel good about what you got done before you set next weeks tasks.

If you’re always focused on the horizon you’ll never relax.  When was the last time you got to the horizon? It keeps moving.  Just like you keep setting new goals.

Look in the rear view mirror to see how far you’ve come.  Then celebrate.  Then & only then, should you set your new goals.

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