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Cameron’s Coaching and Mentoring programs help smart companies grow and succeed. By enrolling, you’ll gain unrivalled access to one of Canada’s most admired business minds.

There are two BackPocket COO programs:


Limited spots available to leaders of young, fun, high growth companies or motivated entrepreneurs.

This business coaching and mentoring program helps you get more of the right stuff done faster. You'll learn key scalable systems to grow your business using a business process called GS&R (Goal Setting & Review) that Cameron has used since 1986 to coach entrepreneurs and grow companies.

In business coaching and mentoring, Cameron uses a balance of Direction, Development, Support & Accountability, you’ll experience the kind of business growth you’ve only dreamed of.

Direction - The first step in the BackPocket COO's business coaching and mentoring program is that Cameron will draw on his business experience, and gain insight in to yours to allow you to see more clearly what to do and where to focus.

Development - You and your team will develop skills and tools in a variety of areas that Cameron knows are essential to grow your company. A real world MBA!

Support - Cameron has ridden the same emotional rollercoaster you're riding as an entrepreneur. As an experienced business coach and mentor, he'll support you with a balance of empathy and encouragement.

Accountability - Setting business goals and committing to them in writing dramatically increases your chances of achievement. Cameron will help you set the right business goals, devise a solid business strategy and give you the tools to achieve them.

Youíll also receive up to two mentoring calls each month with Cameron and have full email access at any time. Itís an invaluable value-add to the business coaching and mentoring program!

Who will benefit from this business coaching and mentoring program?

• Companies looking to grow faster
• Organizations with limited resources
• Businesses starting to franchise
• Companies desiring to go public

Click here to book the monthly business coaching and mentoring program with the BackPocket COO.


Space is limited each quarter so book months in advance.

Book Cameron to come to your city or offsite location to facilitate and lead strategic business planning sessions for you and your team. You'll gain insight into your business and leave with new systems and clear business priorities for your next quarter, next year and beyond. Some companies even come to Vancouver or Whistler with their teams to hold Strategic Business Planning sessions as part of a retreat where the team really can get away from the day-to-day.

Cameron’s expertise extends to all business areas of a growth company. During the Strategic Business Planning workshop, he'll highlight inter-departmental dependencies and spotlight opportunities for increased efficiencies in your business. In short, his business coaching and mentorship will benefit you and your entire organization.

Strategic Business Planning workshop includes:

Strategic Business Planning - Work together with Cameron to align your vision and focus every part of your company on achieving the business strategy so that you have clear priorities for the coming quarter or year.

Preparation Calls - Scheduled phone calls to ensure you are set in advance of the strategic business planning work.

Follow Up Access - Business coaching and mentoring does not end at the workshop. The BackPocket COO provides follow up access via email/phone for you and your team to ensure that you are clear on how to execute the plan.

.Who will benefit from this program?

• Companies experiencing hyper-growth
• Businesses starting to franchise
• Companies preparing for the coming year or quarter
• Companies trying to unclog busy areas such as IT & Marketing
• Entrepreneurs who are trying to get all their business areas aligned

Click here to book the BackPocket COO for a Strategic Business Planning Workshop for your company.


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